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What We Need from You When Applying

There are Two Essential Items for applying:  Your letter of application and a copy of your IRS Determination letter. 

  1. Your letter of application should be on letterhead with contact information.  Content should include:  

    1. Your mission 

    2. The amount you are requesting

    3. The reason for your need

    4. The expected result/impact of this funding

  2. A copy of your IRS determination letter.  If you cannot locate yours, you can go to 

  3. Please mail your letter of application and IRS determination letter by May 31st to:

PO Box 287

Port Salerno, FL 34992

Timing of Grant Process

The way we work is this:  at our annual meeting in July, we determine our level of giving for that year and review all requests. We determine and prioritize who will get awards and at what level.  Most of the awards are given the following week, depending upon funds available.  We review giving again in December, and can sometimes provide additional funding at that time for those we may have not funded, not funded completely, or whose request came in after May 31. 

After you receive funding from us: 

It is also important (to the IRS) that you send us an official acknowledgment of this year’s gift. If you have requested funding for specific items, such as purchasing equipment or supplies, fixing your furnace etc, we would appreciate it if you would send us a picture, or some other verification of use. 


For future funding, we ask that you submit a specific annual request along with documentation about the project and a copy of your IRS determination letter no later than May 31 of each year. You must request funding.  Failure to register your IRS status with us, to acknowledge gifts, and/or to request funding will jeopardize future awards.

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